Two powerful teams will be facing off this Saturday night: # 1 Florida Gators will travel to Baton Rouge to visit # 4 LSU Tigers. Both squads have a perfect record this season, and possess amazing streaks, like the Gators’ 14-game winning streak, or the fact that the Tigers have won their last 32 games when playing Saturday night. Will Florida’s great quarterback Tim Tebow recover in time to be a part of this epic match? CBS will have all the excitement this October 10th, at 8:00 pm ET.

LSU managed to get yet another win last week(they are 5-0) by scoring a touchdown with 46 seconds remaining. It was a 33-yard run from Charles Scott that gave them tbe victory, 20-13, against # 18 Georgia. That touchdown was the third one made by either team in the final three minutes of the fourth quarter. Tigers’ quarterback, Jordan Jefferson, suffered six sacks. Also, it was LSU’s second close win in a row, as they defeated Mississippi State 30-26, needing a goal-line stand to hold them off.

Florida has also a perfect record (4-0), after beating Kentucky two weeks ago (they rested last week) with a 34-point difference, 41-7. The first quarter was basically all they needed to win the game, as they scored four touchdowns and one field goal in the first 15 minutes and ended the quarter with a (practically) game-ending 31-0 lead.

Although both teams have had nothing but wins this season, Florida has been stronger each game and the stats can back that up: LSU has scored 135 points as of today (27 points per game), while Florida has scored 182 with one game less (45.5 points per game). Also, LSU has allowed a total of 74 points (14.8 per game), while the Gators have only admitted 29 (7.25 per game).

One of two streaks will end this Saturday. Will it be the Gators’s 14 game winning streak? Or the 32 consecutive wins that LSU has when playing Saturday night? Even though Florida is strong as a team, if they quarterback Tebow doesn’t play, it will have a great impact on their offense. Nonetheless, with or without him, they will be able to pull away with a victory and avenge the stadium where Tebow has had his only loss to an opposing SEC stadium.

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